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Drop-in event: Have your say on cycle route proposals

Have your say on an alternative cycle route as part of Academy Street proposals at a drop-in event this Friday, 7th October 2022, from 8:30am until 4pm at the Eastgate Shopping Centre.

Two proposed cycle routes have been identified. The first route would utilise the Eastgate Underpass to connect to the existing cycle route on the High Street before ultimately connecting to Bridge Street. The second route would access Falcon Square and Inglis Street.

In both scenarios, the plan would be to reconfigure Bridge Street to accommodate a cycle connection by reducing the width of the carriageway. Both the High Street and Bridge Street would require some physical changes to separate the movement of people walking and wheeling from people cycling.

Information boards will be on display and representatives will be in attendance on the ground floor near the Falcon Square entrance, opposite TUI.

Posted on 5th October 2022

by Eilidh Marshall